TYSTOR AB develop, manufacture and market battery chargers. The range of standard types today are 12 – 48V at 2 – 80A. Since the start, well over 30 years ago, we provide multiple markets with unique solutions of charging batteries. Typical markets that we cater for include:
Vehicles, Marine, Trucks, Buses, Fork lifts, Wheelchairs, Standby Power Supplies and Military Applications.

Battery charger

TYSTOR battery chargers are a well-known concept in the field of ambulances, boats, buses, trucks, electrical vehicles, cleaning machines, standby power supply etc. with well over 50 types currently in production.

Battery separator

SEPTOR make it possible to charge banks of batteries from a single generator or charger. During load, the bank is divided and only the desired battery is used in sequence. Often used in vehicles such as ambulances with 3-battery system, tail gate lift battery in lorries, multi-battery systems in boats for example.

Battery guard

MONITOR is an effective guard against deep and destructive discharge of batteries. MONITOR is available in 12 and 24V.


Simply put devices that changes a connected – and often varying – voltage to another desired and exact output voltage.