Battery charger

TYSTOR SOFT is a robust, very reliable , high quality series of chargers delivered in over 100.000 units.

TYSTOR IPC is an intelligent microprocessor controlled battery charger series designed for charging major banks of batteries. Prepared for options like external temperature sensor, external indicator panel and a inhibit function for on board charging or air-pump control at tube cell charging.

TYSTOR T2000 series is budget-type of the IPC-seriens . Same power but lacking options for external sensor, indicator or inhibit function.

Both IPC and T2000 can be delivered with custom made software able to communicate with external computers e.g. for alarm or supervision equipments. The library of standard software today covering almost any type of battery.

TYSTOR WP is the watertight series of chargers. 7-step computer controlled charge. World wide input. Recover deep sulphated batteries. Can also be used as a stand alone power supply.