Our Brand is our Name

TYSTOR AB develop, manufacture and market battery chargers. The range of standard types today are 12 – 48V at 2 – 80A. Since the start, well over 40 years ago, we provide multiple markets with unique solutions of charging batteries. Typical markets that we cater for include are:
Vehicles, Marine, Trucks, Buses, Fork lifts, Wheelchairs, standby power supplies and military applications.

Custom made types are done fast and at low rates. Globally over 300 000 products have been delivered and our export ratio is circa 55% to date. We have representatives in all Nordic countries as well as Iceland and are also directing customers in the rest of EU.

3 Years Warranty included for all products.

Don’t hesitate to ask us about charging batteries!

We have the solution!
“Our Brand is our Name”

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