Chargers for lead acid batteries

Charges can be grouped into simple, cheap and professional quality chargers.

In the simple group you will find chargers that do not check if the battery is damaged / shorted before starting.
Precise charging voltages are required to avoid either undercharge or overcharge the battery.
Simple chargers vary in charge voltage – often from individual to individual – and should therefore not be used.
Rarely included in a simple charger is a proper reconditioning function or that the charger has the capacity to be connected in parallel in a battery system where simultaneous consumers are connected.

Professional quality chargers have all the simple charger is missing and much more.
Motto “you get what you pay for” applies highly.
In the following we will describe the group of professional quality chargers.
All Tystor Battery Chargers belong to this group – regardless of the selected series and size.
We take you through this step by step…

Checking the battery