Tandem-connected charger

All Tystor chargers are designed to be able to be tandem-coupled.
Imagine having a growing system.
You expand the system with a battery and / or plug in more consumers.
The Tystor charger you have becomes too small when you use the calculation above.
Solution: Simply plug in another Tystor charger in the system.

You have a 40A Tystor charger but now needs 65A.
Install a 25A charger in the same way as the original 40A charger.
This increases the capacity very easily.

How do I charge a 24V system that also has a 12V consumers?

You need 2 pcs of 12V Tystor charger.
Each charger is connected directly to its “own” battery.
Each battery will be charge properly and you can distribute power to both the 24V and 12V consumables.
Never charge such a system with a single 24V charger.
The least empty battery will then be overcharged and damaged.