Summary and some advice on your way

  • Select the battery type according to the desired capacity, performance and cost
  • Never undersize the battery – An oversized battery lasts longer
  • When a battery ages, the capacity decreases
  • Therefore, dimension the system for an aged battery, e.g. 50% of stamped Ah
  • Never leave a lead battery discharged – it will be destroyed in months
  • Maintain a lead battery at least every 3 months if stored
  • Recharge the lead battery to 100% as soon as possible
  • Never overcharge a battery
  • Select a quality charger with carefully settings of charging voltages / currents
  • Select a lead battery charger with temperature-compensated charge when ambient temperatures is greater than +30°C or lower than +15°C
  • Select a charger that automatically test and charges the battery at several steps
  • Select a battery charger that always can be connected without overcharging the battery
  • Select a Tystor battery charger – all of them have an auto recond function built-in
  • Calculate the minimum size of the charger for a lead battery according to the simple rule of thumb: 10% of Ah in A (example 100Ah x10% = at least 10A charger is required
  • Do not forget to add any consumers who are connected. In the example above, a 15A charger is required if you have 5A load while charging the battery.
  • Largest recommended charger for a valve controlled lead battery ( VRLA ) is calculated as 25% of the Ah    number ( example 25% of 100Ah = max 25A charger )
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