Which type of battery should I choose?

An open (“wet”) battery can be used in well-ventilated areas. The open plate cell gives good performance in relation to its price. Is common in vehicles and marine market.
The corresponding wet tube cell battery is used exclusively for the fork lift market. The tube cell has excellent performance and can deliver the momentary high current needed to lift heavy goods with a fork lift. Well ventilated rooms are required.

Gel as well as AGM types have the advantages of being placed freely (lying, standing etc.) and may be recharged in normal ventilated rooms. Popular for use in cleaning machines, wheelchairs, alarms, vehicles, marine etc. applications. Within the type of Gel and AGM there is a large variation of performance versus price. High battery cycle capability, high cold start current characteristics usually yield a higher price, compared to lower cycle numbers combined with long service life.

Serial-connected and parallel-connected batteries – what is it?